Seismic Retrofit, Strengthening and Repair by QuakeWrap :

We are a team of structural engineers and construction professionals focused on providing customized solutions for repair, retrofit and strengthening of structures using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products.  Pioneered since the 1980s by QuakeWrap President, Professor Mo Ehsani, FRP is applied similar to wallpaper and becomes 2-3 times stronger than steel in 24 hours.

New earthquake design codes, additional loads on buildings and bridges as well as insufficient reinforcement in earlier design has required seismic retrofit of many buildings and bridges. FRP provides a quick installation with an immense increase in the strength of the structural members. Certain requirements in regard to the struture's ductility must be met for the FRP design. In the following some advantages of the FRP for the seismic strengthening of buildings and bridges are summarized:

FRP can be used in many ways in existing buildings to:
  • Strengthen floors and walls for larger live loads
  • Increase strength and ductility of columns
  • Correct excessive deflections
  • Increase shear capacity of beams
  • Convert unreinforced masonry (URM) walls into shear walls
  • Repair and strengthen corrosion damage
Click here to see many of these applications in the McKinley Tower.

FRP can be used in bridges to address the following problems:

  • Strengthen girders for increased live load
  • Strengthen girders for shear
  • Repair corrosion damage
  • Repair girders & piers hit by trucks
  • Seismic retrofit of piers (confinement)

Click here to see a sample application on Interstate I-94 at SR-49 in Indiana.